Electroceutical Therapy


Electroceutical applications boost the blood flow, thus benefiting the body's cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity. Imagine being better tomorrow than you are today...

  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Better Circulation
  • Fatigue
  • Boost Inmune Support
  • Enhanced oxygenenation
  • Preventive & Regenerative Therapy

Control and Functions

The B.BOX Professional is unique in its ease of use.

The multitouch display gives easy access to the sleep program’ s ten levels of intensity as well as the configuration and management of up to three pre-set programmes.

It supports the use of up to two applicators simultaneously, which can be controlled independently at any time. A card slot allows the exchange of settings with other BEMER devices. Available software updates can be applied by use of the mini-USB port.

Four Applicators

The amount of four highly complementing application devices is unique on the market in its completeness and gives our users a much more flexible experience than was previously possible. Apply BEMER on your whole body or just on a spot - or both!
Your call!

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